Documentation of the Planning Process – Planning Team

The plan document is the written record of the planning process and must describe how the plan was prepared for each jurisdiction, including the schedule and activities that made up the plan’s development as well as who was involved in the process. The plan can also document how the planning team members were selected and describe each team member’s contribution to the planning effort.

Multi-jurisdictional plans must identify who represented each jurisdiction, including the person’s position or title and agency, at a minimum. Since the plan is intended to provide a resource for the community, the planning process should provide enough detail to allow those updating the plan to identify and coordinate with those agencies that were involved in the process.

Plan updates must include documentation of the current planning process undertaken to update the plan.

Best Practice

New Hanover County, NC

New Hanover was selected as a best practice because it clearly outlines its planning process.

The “Planning Process” section of New Hanover’s Plan is divided into 9 subsections:

  • Overview of Hazard Mitigation Planning
  • History of Hazard Mitigation Planning in New Hanover County
  • Preparing the 2010 Plan
  • The Planning Team
  • Community Meetings and Workshops
  • Involving the Public
  • Involving Stakeholders
  • Multi-jurisdictional Participation
  • Progress Report

The sections clearly outline the timeline and describe the process of creating the plan as required by FEMA regulations.

Best Practice

Pierce County, WA

Pierce County did an exemplary job documenting the committee meeting with relevant centers, such as the Emergency Operation Center, and one on one meeting with individuals in departments such as the Surface Water Management and Facilities Management departments. Excerpts from the tables listing these meetings are included below.

Pierce County Best Practice 1Pierce County Best Practice 2