Task 7 Requirements

Element A5

The plan maintenance process shall include a discussion on how the community will continue public participation in the plan maintenance process.

44 CFR §201.6(c)(4)(iii)

Element A6

The plan maintenance process shall include a section describing the method and schedule of monitoring, evaluating, and updating the mitigation plan within a five-year cycle.

44 CFR §201.6(c)(4)(i)

The mitigation plan is a living document that guides action over time. As conditions change, new information becomes available, or actions progress over the life of the plan, plan adjustments may be necessary to maintain its relevance. For example, as local climate changes or new, more accurate flood maps become available, mitigation plans should incorporate this information. Task 7 describes how to develop procedures to monitor, evaluate, and update the mitigation plan over time.

Of the 175 local hazard mitigation plans evaluated by UNC, almost all plans identified the agency responsible for monitoring the plan and indicated that the public will be involved in future monitoring and updating of the plan.  However, very few plans included indicators for tracking progress or identify obstacles to implementation faced in the past. The best plans identified how, when and by whom the plan implementation would be tracked over time. They also documented how, when and by whom the effectiveness of the plan in meeting goals would be assessed. They detailed the process of reviewing and revising the plan and also explained how the public would be involved over time.

Best practices include: